Monday, 6 April 2015

Packing tips

After 7 years of boarding school and 4 years of university, you would have thought that I would be at least ok at packing by now. If not a semi professional. But you would be wrong. It still stresses me out, I still panic and it still takes me forever.

So I thought I would give you some tips to help you out. Follow these and you will become the packing Queen (or King).

Crank up those tunes
It will make the packing process far more fun and inspire you to keep going and never give up and get the job done. All the greats sing about packing obviously.

Make a list (or three)
I love lists. Make many. Categorise it into clothes, electricals, DO NOT FORGETS, and documents and you won't go wrong.

Look around your room
Just a brief sweep around your room once you are done, will occasionally allow you to spot things you had previously forgotten or moved from their usual home.

Think through your day
Going through the process of your average day can help a lot more than you think. What do I do first? I wake up - pajamas check. Then I brush my teeth - toothbrush and toothpaste check. Etc etc.

Lay everything out
It becomes much easier when you can see everything. So put everything on your bed before you tuck it away into your suitcase. Then you will be able to notice immediately whether you miss something.

Get your friends involved
Just having them sitting there and chatting to you while you do it, is helpful. Firstly, it will ensure you actually do it and don't procrastinate. Secondly, they are a second pair of eyes so will keep an eye on whatever you are doing, be on hand to give opinions and probably be able to spot things that you have missed.

Don't leave it until the last minute
Last minute packing is stressful. Trust me - I once did it horrendously hungover at 6am and it was not pretty. Learn from my mistakes. Do it the night before at the absolute latest and then you can relax and just become excited about the fact you are going on holiday =]

And the golden rule - Overpacking is better than underpacking. It is far far better to have too much than too little so if you are unsure, just bung it in anyway. So long as you don't go over your weight allowance, it won't do any harm. And you know that if you don't take that particular dress, it is the exact item you will be desperate to wear when you are abroad.

As you might have guessed, I am writing this particular post because I am going on holiday hooorayyyyy. To Boston to be precise. And I am so excited, I might just die before I get on the plane. I have been planning to fly out to see my friend for about a year now and I have been obsessing about America for roughly 10 years. So I literally can't wait. It does mean I am going to be off the air for a couple of weeks. But I will update you all when I get back on the 19th April. And if you want to follow my adventures, as they are happening, I will be updating Twitter using the Hashtag #BritInBoston and I will probably put a few pics on Instagram too so make sure you follow me on both of those websites.

Ciao for now

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