Sunday, 31 May 2015

Web We Want Festival

One of the best things about blogging is, without a doubt, the people that you get to meet through events. The blogging community is one of the best, most supportive, funnest group of people I have ever met and I always come away from any meet ups, with a huge smile on my face.

This weekend saw the Web We Want Festival take over the Southbank Centre, and as I was due a catch up with fellow blogger Dani, anyway, we thought we would go and check out the blogging sections of the festival. Plus the beautiful Rebecca was speaking on one of the panels so we definitely couldn't miss it (well done by the way Miss Felgate, you were fabulous).

my prize
Afterwards we were invited over to the Snog Bus on Southbank for snogging and blogging. And talking. And quizzing. The snogging/blogging is the important bit though, isn't it? But actually the quiz proved to be pretty exciting because Team Blog Marry Avoid made up of me, Dani and the lovely Emma Robertson, won. Yayyyyy (that's me cheering myself) =] I genuinely felt proud of myself - I never win anything.

Also it was a really good chance to catch up with some of my blogging friends as well as make some new ones. We were discussing the BIG QUESTIONS when it comes to blogging - things like:

Why did you start?
Why do you continue?
Where do you think the blogging world is headed?
And does blogging make a difference?


I might do a blogpost answering these questions, because the discussions we had were really interesting. But for now, I would just like to thank the wonderful Tallissa and Hannah from the Southbank Centre who organised the event. And to Snog for the fro-yo. I had such a great afternoon. And, as always happens whenever I hang out with other bloggers, I am feeling super inspired. I love you all.

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