Friday, 22 May 2015

What? Why? When?

There is a theme going around the big YouTubers at the moment, which is discussing why they YouTube, if you allow me to use that as a verb for a second. The other day Carrie Fletcher joined this discussion and she is actually one of the few YouTubers I respect. She is not the most popular kid on the block (having a 'mere' 300,000 subscribers compared to the millions that people such as Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg have) but her videos are primarily there to help rather than simply to entertain. She touches those hundreds of thousands of people, because she appears to be human and uses YouTube as a platform to reach out and help. Rather than simply to pointlessly entertain, (whilst at the same time, turning it into a huge profit-making corporation), as so many YouTubers seem to do. Which quite frankly takes advantage of teenagers' unfortunate habit to worship those they see in a public domain.

But the most important thing which she said was that she uses YouTube because she has something to say. And this really struck a chord with me.

Now I don't express myself via YouTube but you can definitely apply this to blogging as well. I read an article today which said there are around 2 million blog posts uploaded every day. How insane is that??? 2 MILLION. Yet, out of those millions of blogposts, how many people are actually using their voice for good? I see hundreds of 'wish lists' and OOTD (outfits of the day - took me ages to work out what that meant). Yes they are popular and are easy opportunities to flog items to your readers, but do we seriously need more of those?

I have always written because I have something to say. It's why I started blogging and why I continue. In the three years I have been blogging, I have never had the dreaded Bloggers Block and have always had a list of ideas in my draft section. The day these run out is the day I stop blogging. Because I do not want to blog for the sake of it. I want to blog about topics I am passionate about or knowledgeable about or have an opinion on or because I feel that my experiences can help other people. And every post I upload, achieves one or more of these aims.

I don't have a flashy camera, I don't have enough money to display clothes hauls every week and I don't have a pretty enough face to show off my perfectly applied make up. But I hope that I am able to inspire and help and touch any of you who come across my blog, in some way. And that's what blogging should be about. Otherwise we are no better than the magazine and newspaper journalists who we supposedly claim we are different to.

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