Wednesday, 24 June 2015

22 things I've learnt

This year is my first year out of education and I have had a lot of different experiences which have helped me see the adult world in a slightly different way.

So here goes. I hope these things help you guys as well.

1. You only need to keep in touch with those who you are care about
Life suddenly gets busy. And free time becomes precious. You don't want to waste it trying to keep in touch with those rubbish people who never reciprocate. I really did learn who my friends are this year.

2. It's ok not to have all the answers
If you're anything like me, you will want to have them. I want to work out the entire world right now. But remember you're 22. No one expects you to have all the answers, so just wander around and find them. That's part of the fun. Or it's meant to be.

3. You should do what you love
We're young and free from any properly serious responsibilities like kids or mortgages. So use your time and money to do everything you enjoy. Don't waste time on things (or people) you dislike.

4. Family are important
You may have ignored them for three years while you were at uni and trying to be cool and independent. But you don't really want to be an adult yet do you? And they are the people who you can truly rely on to help you/give you advice and always always be there, no matter what.

5. It's ok not to be ok
You don't have to be 'fine' the whole time. It's alright to panic and cry and have mini breakdowns. If your friends are real, they will help you and your family should always be there for you as well.

6. What makes you different, makes you beautiful
This was a quote from a celebrity in a magazine. But actually I love this. You should never be sorry for what makes you unique. Whether that's looks or personality or independent thoughts. Never hide that, especially not for someone else

7. Nobody has any idea what they are doing
I panic a lot because everyone seems to be so settled and organised and ok with their lives. Whereas I am just flying around, tripping from one disaster into the next. But I have come to realise that no one else has any idea what they are doing either. They just a brave face on it and muddle along as best they can. Which is all we have to do as well.

8. Try to accept the bad things that happens to you
Everything is an experience. And without the bad experiences, certain good ones might not come around. Plus, these things that seem so awful now, may not matter very much in five years time anyway.

9. Time is precious
Let's face it - we're getting old. So you don't have as much of it anymore. Use it wisely

10. It's alright to be fussy
About jobs, people, houses, how you spend your Saturday night. Make every second and decision count for something and improve your life in some way.

11. It could be worse
This may not always be a comfort but it helps you to think about the positive things in your life

12. University is overrated
Yes it was amazing and yes I would recommend people to go...but why did we actually go?? It was expensive and stressful and tiring. SO so tiring. I am still sleeping it off, a year later

13. You can put a positive spin on anything if you try
Believe me. I am doing this right now.

14. You can be selfish occasionally
It's alright to put yourself first once in a while. Trying to please everyone becomes far too difficult as you get to know more and more people.

15. Some people are rubbish
That happens. Ignore them and move on. You will meet new ones

16. It's fine to make mistakes
The trick is to learn from them. So you don't make them again. 

17. You should definitely not give up
For this, I am thinking mainly about your dreams in particular. In the impatient world we live within, we almost expect everything to happen to us at once. But they don't. Things take time. So keep going.

18. You should always be grateful
For your opportunities. Your life. Everything. I can't speak for you, but my life is pretty great and the opportunities I have had, have been fabulous. Don't forget this, when you don't think your life is going the way you want it.

19. You must not settle
Whether that's for a job, for a boyfriend or girlfriend, a friend in general. Anything. Always aim high

20. You haven't had time to fail yet
Our life is just beginning, our paths are just starting. If you reach a deadend this isn't permanent. Find a new route. You can't fail when you have only just begun and there's no way, you have managed to reach the end of the road yet.

21. There's still plenty of time for dreams to come true
This is strongly linked to number 17. Give yourself a chance to make your dreams happen. A year is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

22. Life is an adventure
So take part in all that it throws at you. And try to enjoy it as much as you can, as you go =]

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