Thursday, 6 August 2015

8 things life is too short for

I can not believe it! But The World According to Charlotte Coster is officially three years old. Where has this time gone???

So I thought to celebrate, and to reiterate the fact that we don't have enough time in our lives, I would show you the 8 top things which we need to get rid of, first. Our lives are not long enough, so we definitely don't need any of this pointlessness.

1. Matching socks
I love to say that I wear odd socks because I am quirky and cool. It's actually because I can't be bothered to pair them up. And I am always always losing socks. I swear the washing machine eats them.

2. Plucking eyebrows
It's lucky that chunky brows are in fashion because plucking is SO DULL. And it makes my arm ache.

3. Waiting for adverts
It adds on another 15 minutes to the programme you are watching. Calculate that for the number of programmes you watch in your whole life, and you have lost days. What's even worse is when adverts won't load.

4. Waiting for a TV series to come out, week by week
I prefer discovering a TV series later and then just blitzing the whole thing within a few days. I get too impatient for the next part.

5. Dodgy internet
I hate it when web pages won't load automatically. I have so little patience but it really is pointless watching a blank screen.

6. Ironing
SO BORING. Enough said.

7. Packing
You spend days packing up your house, even if you are only moving a few miles. And then spend days unpacking it all again. How stupid is that?

8. Waiting for tubes/trains
They never ever come when they say they will. I now won't go anywhere without a book. Who knows when trains are going to act up. Although the safe bet is pretty much always.

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