Friday, 18 September 2015

13 Things you have to learn to love while you are at uni

It's getting to that time of year again - the start of the new year at universities all around the country. I hope all you Freshers are looking forward to beginning this brand new adventure.

You will have so many exciting things to experience and below I have collated a few little things which will definitely become a huge part of your lives over the next three years.

1. The cold
Halls don't turn on the heating until the last possible second, lecturers seem to gain a vicious pleasure in making you endure sub-freezing temperatures during classes and libraries are permanently drafty. My advice - buy a few extra jumpers and some thermal underwear.

2. Pizza
This is the only way you are going to get your 5-a-day. Fact.

3. People
If you are not a people person, you are going to have to become one. They are everywhere, all the time. And with the whole settling in and trying to make friends thing, you are going to have to at least pretend to be social for a little while.

4. Sainsbury's Basic Vodka
Somehow this ends up being in your shopping basket every single week. (Tip - mix it with Fanta Fruit Twist and it doesn't taste like rat poison!!)

5. Slow internet
Forget trying to watch a film - it's just not going to happen!

6. Fire alarms at stupid times
You know that the minute you step into the shower, some idiot will burn the toast, it will go off and you are going to be that person who will have to wait outside in your towel. 

7. NUS card
This becomes more precious than almost any other card you own. Never ever lose this. Ever.

8. Your phone alarm
You are going to become well acquainted with this feature of your phone. Getting up for 9am lectures is tough and the alarm only makes it ever so slightly easier.

9. Printing stuff out
Whether it's lecture notes, the twelve copies of your assignment you have to hand in or your reading that you have to do, fighting with the other students (and then the printer itself) becomes a fun daily ritual.

10. Coffee/Red Bull/Tea/Sweets/Wine
Basically anything which will help you through the crazy amount of all-nighters you will undertake to complete your assignments and uni reading.

11. Drama
Your whole life turns into a series of arguments either about who stole whose cheese or who slept with whose friend-who-actually-has-a-boy/girlfriend. It's never ending scandals at uni.

12. Club fliers
I don't know where they come from, but as soon as you have put a wodge in the recycling, they have magically been replaced by morning. They will decorate your halls (and tempt you out) all year!

13. An empty bank account
This is just a thing which you will have to come to terms with. If you are at zero, you are one of the better-off ones.

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