Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August Outfits

Throughout August I photographed what I wore every day for the entire month. Which turned out to be a really interesting exercise.

Knowing that a lot of people were going to see my outfits, (even when I was just lolling around at home), it made me put slightly more effort into trying to find unique outfits every day than I normally would. And this led me to examine my wardrobe extremely thoroughly to find interesting things to wear.

Out of curiosity I, incidentally, counted up my wardrobe right after I'd had a MAHOOSIVE clearout and this is roughly what I own now:

58 Dresses
45 Tops
32 Jumpers
17 Pairs of shoes/boots
15 pairs of jeans./trousers/leggings (7 of which were jeans. Which is interesting as I don't actually wear jeans very often)
10 skirts
11 cardigans
8 jackets/blazers
5 pairs of shorts
4 Coats
2 playsuits
1 pair of dungarees (they get their own category because they're awesome!!)
Total Items - 208

I really did cut down a huge amount, and I don't know how these stats are in relation to other people's (let me know yours because I would love to compare).

As you can tell, I basically live in dresses, and when I have my occasional down day, I tend to lounge around in big jumpers and leggings. It was interesting to see the themes across my wardrobe as well. I seem to be obsessed with stripes. So so many of my jumpers in particular have horizontal stripes. Lots of the dresses too. Either that or flowers. And there's a lot of lace as well.

My favourite August Outfits are displayed within this post but if you want to see the whole lot, head to my Twitter or Pinterest.

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