Sunday, 20 September 2015

Miss Saigon

Yesterday me and London theatre were reunited. We had been on a brief break - well, I say brief, it actually felt like a lifetime - of around 2 months! But after getting some very severe withdrawal symptoms (which involved breaking into song at super inappropriate moments); I returned to the West End yesterday afternoon to watch Miss Saigon.

I have already seen Miss Saigon once but it is one of my favourites and it is closing in February and my friend hadn't seen it yet AND there had been a cast change. All these reasons were excellent excuses to go and see it again. Any one of them would have done - I would have grabbed it wholeheartedly, but all of them...well, I couldn't resist.

I always think that a new cast makes a show seem like a new production. All actors have slightly different takes on the characters. Jon Jon Briones was still The Engineer, thank goodness - please can you just play this role for the rest of your life? He is perfect - The Engineer is a very complicated character to play. He has a lot of songs to sing and ultimately is an extremely dark character who thinks of nothing or nobody but himself. But at the same time, he is slightly hilarious and has some really comic bits that are light relief from the emotional show. His balance is perfect and you kind of love him despite the fact the character is an absolute arse.

Eva Noblezada is still on as a wonderful Kim (her singing is just wow) and Hugh Maynard is still John. But apart from that, the rest of the leads and the majority of the company, changed. I was most interested in seeing what Chris Peluso was going to be like as Chris because I adored Alistair Brammer in the role. I did think Peluso was a lot less emotionally extreme, but he still sang well and was believable which meant you felt all the emotions as he depicted them on stage. Plus I now have a tiny bit of a crush on him - the quantity of fit men is definitely not the reason why I missed visiting the theatre so much. Of course it wasn't...

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