Sunday, 27 September 2015

ZSL London Zoo

The title of this week's Sunday Snap, should be in fact, Sunday Snaps. I love photographing animals and took a few that I really liked - there were far too many for me to simply choose a single one. That would be unfair on the rest. Therefore you are going to get the 'many'.

It's been a good few years since I have strayed into this delightful part of London. I had forgotten how truly beautiful Regent's Park is. As I was wandering through it (attempting not to be late) I marvelled at the pretty flowers and fountains. I feel like it very similar to New York's Central Park especially as I strode along the Board Walk. With the many trees scattering their autumnally-golden leaves, it was the first time I was actually glad that we were leaving the summer behind. We are entering such a pretty season.

I was meeting a fellow blogger, Claire at the zoo for a day of explorations and animals. In particular - penguins. That's what she was getting excited about anyway, and they were pretty cute. I can't get over how wonderful they are in the water, while they are so hilarious on land, waddling along and constantly falling over.

I was definitely more excited about the giraffes though. They are so hugely tall but they still manage to be so elegant, unlike me who trips around all over the place - basically they are my inspiration. If I can conduct myself with half their grace, I would be doing reasonably well.

There were of course a few other animals there too - the lions had gone on holiday to Whipsnade Zoo while their 'Lion's Den' was being remade but we saw some beautiful tigers (which look like pussy-cats, don't you think??) We saw some macaws which looked like they were kissing, a pair of monkeys who got into a fight and some camels that definitely had the hump. We watched some vain lemurs and alpacas act as if they were in a photoshoot, turning this way and that while we photographed them and we stroked some goats. And then we fell a little in love with the lemurs and squirrel monkeys.You could walk through their enclosures and the temptation to either stroke them or to pop one in your handbag was unbelievably strong.
We finished up the day with a cup of tea and a chocolate brownie which gave us a chance to relax while chatting about everything from blogging, to comparing our experiences at boarding school to discussing the reasons we both decided to leave teaching. I had a wonderful day with Claire and I am so so glad to have met her. Huge thanks to her for inviting me and to Talented Talkers and Avios for gifting us the tickets, I had a fabulous time.

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