Tuesday, 22 September 2015

You know you're a theatre nerd when...

As you can probably tell, I am one of the biggest theatre nerds out there...something which I declare with pride. And below are just some of the defining features of such a person.

You don't have to be all of them, but a majority is expected for this distinction - let me know if you believe yourself to be included within the group =]

1. You have seen all the shows in the West End at least once...

2. ...So then you have to start seeing them twice

3. You would prefer to go to the theatre than on a night out

4. You celebrate pay day by booking a show

5. You care more about meeting a theatre great than any other kind of celebrity

6. But even better would be someone from the world of telly or film who has roots in the theatre

7. ...Such as Benedict Cumberbatch...drool...

8. ...Or David Tennant...he will do nicely too...

9. You have contacted a theatre great on Twitter to tell them just how great they are...

10. ...And received a reply because they are so darn nice...

11. You have absolutely no problem with asking a kid for their autograph (they are just so talented!)

12. You have a bookshelf purely for theatre programmes

13. You have one or more pieces of theatre merch

14. This may or may not be a hoodie which you may or may not live in (and it's getting kinda old and smelly but there's no way you are going to stop wearing it)

15. You keep a list of your favourite shows

16. You cry when the top of the list announces it is leaving the West End

17. You know what is presently on in the theatre...

18. ...what is coming up in the West End...

19. ...And it's entire booking period

20. You celebrate any extension of this booking period with a glass of champagne and booking to see it again (one or more times)

21. You see a show again when the cast changes

22. ...and you defend the decision to see it again with 'it's practically a different show'

23. You run a blog so you can post reviews of the shows you have seen

24. And you actually get invited to stuff (which you still can't believe!!)

25. You join the London Theatre Bloggers to meet other nerds just like yourself

26. Going to the theatre becomes a weekly occurrence

27. You complain about the prices but then buy tickets anyway

28. You only ever sit in the stalls

29. Your entire inbox consists of emails from certain theatres and ticket-selling websites

30. All your birthday presents are theatre tickets or merch (your family know you well)

31. Friends come to you for advice on what they should see/book for their family

32. You have at least one spotify/youtube/itunes playlist of musical tunes

33. Or if you feel particularly traditional you own a collection of shows' soundtracks on CDs

34. Or, if you are feeling even more old-school, vinyl? Does anyone have shows' records?

35. Some of these are karaoke so you can sing along and pretend you are the lead in your favourite musical

36. You become extremely opinionated about the proper etiquette that should be adhered to in all theatres

37. ...and will turn into the Hulk if people don't abide by these rules

38. But most importantly, you just absolutely love it and there's nowhere else you'd rather be!!!

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