Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Asos Haul - How to style summer clothes in the winter

Oh Asos how I love you!! Whoever invented clothes shopping that you can do in bed is a GENIUS.

Not so good for my bank balance though. I might have gone a little bit crazy.

But, actually, I have a reason (*cough* excuse) for this. Basically I want to invest in some new pieces for my wardrobe and purchase some new styles that I can become really excited about.

When I was taking part in the August Outfits Fashion Bloggers Challenge a couple of months ago, I realised that the majority of my wardrobe is pretty much the same.

So this week I endeavoured to change that and buy some things I wouldn't normally go for.

Most of these items were bought in the Asos sale and are in fact summer clothes. But I want to wear them now. Therefore I have spent my day off (where I normally style other people) instead styling myself. I hope you enjoy the outfits I have created.

Outfit 1 - Going old school
This skirt has braces. I repeat. This skirt has braces. They are awesome and coupled with these knee-high socks that I also bought from Asos, I look like I could be back at school. It's a cute skirt though, which I will definitely be wearing throughout the winter. (And yes I am attempting to read Les Mis. It's going super well - not.)

Knee high socks instead of tights
I have wanted to get some of these for a while and I love love love them. I was worried they would be too short for me but they are perfect.

Outfit 2 - Join the navy
If you are dressing up for an occasion, it is always tempting to go for a very safe black. But I challenge you to do something ever so slightly different. Navy is a lovely alternative and so flattering to all body shapes.

Outfit 3 - Mix and Match
Go on I dare you. As soon as we topple into dreary November, the oranges of Halloween disappear and all we are left with are dark greys, blacks etc...making it even more dreary. The winter needs more colour and what better way than in your clothes. And, although it's satisfying to match everything perfectly, it's kind of fun to mix it up a little (whether that's patterns or colours or whatever).

Outfit 4 - Cute and girly
I would normally wear this skirt with a light top tucked in, but why not wear it with tights and a thick jumper. You still get the same effect.

Outfit 5 - Going out?
I have bought a lot of long sleeved dresses in the past couple of years or so and, although I have never been a fan of them before, I now LOVE them. And they are perfect for going out during the winter months, because you don't need to bring a jacket with you. Which means there is more money for drinks yay.

Outfit 1  Top-New Look. Skirt-Asos. Socks-Asos. Book-Les Mis (yes really)
Outfit 2 Dress-Lipsy (Sold by Asos)
Outfit 3 Cardigan-Topshop. Strap top-Primark. Skirt-Boohoo.com (sold by Asos)
Outfit 4 Jumper-H&M. Skirt-Pussycat (sold by Asos)
Outfit 5 Dress-Asos. Clutch-New Look. Boots-Shoe Zone

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