Thursday, 8 October 2015


Today is National Poetry Day so I thought it was only fitting that I should upload one of my own which I wrote a few weeks. Do bear with me, this is a working progress. And also, it's technically meant to be a song but, as it has no music yet, I thought it still counted =]

Hope you enjoy it and do let me know if you would like to read more of my creative work/whether you would like to see me attempt to put this to music.

You think you are my king
and that you're the one I live for -
the only one I live for
and I want nothing more
than to run around after you
protecting you from whatever comes near;
stopping anything else from getting close.
What would you do if I was not here?
The answer to that question
is you'd be just the same.
You have no need of me
trying to protect you within my game.
So why am I still here
waiting for your love?
Which I know will never come
because I am not good enough.
I used to think that you were my knight
and I was your queen
but I should never have been
so naïve that I might
mean something to you.
I'm simply a pawn in your game
and there's no way you feel the same
as I do
about you.
You took away the rook
so I can't walk in a straight line
but I still hobble on
pretending that I'm fine.
I turned to the bishop
for a little bit of help. And pray
that I will actually move forwards
one of these days.
I knew I should never have started,
I knew I should never have played,
I knew I should never have tried,
I knew I should never have stayed.
It's no good playing the master
or trying to beat him at his game
because it will destroy your life and soul
and you will never be the same.
Moving me around the chess board,
placing me where you please.
Why is it me that you had
to bring to my knees?
But it's over now - you've won!
It's checkmate.
Look at the state
of me.
Can't you see?
I'm done!

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