Thursday, 22 October 2015

Starbucks Joke

Let me tell you a little story...

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Charlotte who spent a bit too much time in Starbucks. Therefore, to amuse herself and liven up all those times she was awaiting her precious cup of coffee, she decided to play a little practical joke on the poor assistants within the coffee shops.

And that's how my game began it's life.

Basically, I decided to think up the most ridiculous name I could and see if I received a reaction from the barista who had to write said name on my cup. And I would work my way through the alphabet.

One year on, (I started around November last year) I have finally finished. Hoooooray. Which is just as well, because, now I have moved back to a little town, I am pretty sure they are starting to recognise me.

As you will see, a couple of them are missing pictures and towards the end I ran out of steam. But I hope the little stories attached to each name give you a giggle anyway. And to the baristas who had to write these down, I am truly sorry.

Andromeda - greek mythology - The girl at the till asked me to spell it and she still got it wrong bless her! And the guy who was calling out the names after he had made them, didn't call out mine. I think he was unsure how to pronounce it.

It's actually a really pretty name, if a little bit of a mouthful. I sat down and the polish guy on the table next to me, asked me if I was greek. I said no, but it's just that my parents were really interested in greek mythology. He started to chat to me about mythology, about his polish name and how he always simplified it so people could actually spell it (Thomas instead of Tomasz). And then chatted/flirted with me for a bit longer. A great start haha.

Blodwyn - means white flower - I was actually on a date when I did this one. Just moments before, I had been explaining this game that I started two days ago. So when they asked for a name for our order, the guy I was with turned to me to offer one. I think it was to see if I really would do it. Therefore I said this name to the girl at the checkout who sighed and was it you spelt that?

Chardonnay - wine - The guy hesitated ever so slightly and then asked me how to spell it! So I told him and added 'yes like the wine.' He made no comment though except for 'it's really long!' We then had a chat about how Starbucks didn't offer discounts to the Oracle Shopping Centre workers any more which sucked for him because he didn't get any discounts in the other shops!

Dothie - short for Dorothy - I automatically spelt it for him and he said he was going to spell it with 'tty'! I told him, with a completely straight face, I was special. After I paid he said 'thanks dothie!' And in my head I went 'who?' I need to be more committed otherwise I am so going to slip up! I was good with the first one as I had been planning to do this post for a while before I started the game! We shall see...

Egberta - bright sword - she didn't say anything while taking my name but repeated it with a certain air of incredulity and then couldn't quite hide her smile! Nearly made me giggle and blow my cover so I had to drop my eyes and pretend I was embarrassed about it!

Fabrizia - Worker - I was going to do Fanny for this one but I chickened out! So this is what I went for - pronounced fabreeze-ia! She asked me to repeat it but then didn't bat an eyelid! I went bright red though because she was standing next to someone who had served me the week before and I am sure he recognised me! I need to start going to a new Starbucks!! I also took a massive gulp and burnt my tongue so it was a bit of a failure of a trip!

Glennis - from the valley - The spelling was not even close!! Which made me laugh! I hadn't done one of these 'special names' in a while so I kept on not responding to my name! But hopefully he just thought I was a little away with the fairies! 

Helga - religious/holy - Was with my friend and couldn't keep a straight face because she made me laugh and called me an idiot. Behind the till, it was the same person who served me last week and he said 'remind of your name?' He blatantly knew I was making them all up! 

Isadora- I went to a different Starbucks this time but unfortunately it was still a barista I have encountered before. And he definitely recognised me! Oops! I might be starting to get a reputation. He repeated my name with incredulity and then asked me to spell it. I laughed with him and went 'and what'

Jaime - I pronounced it like the French word but he spelt it really wrong! I really like the name Jamie for a girl though. Not completely sure why but I think it's cute.

Keturah - Abraham's second wife - When I said my name the guy just gave me a look as if to say 'are you FRICKING kidding me?' And then he waited for me to spell it for him without even asking. I half laughed and did so. The pen wasn't working very well as you can see and he clearly couldn't be bothered to find another one and ask me to spell it again. 

Lois -new testament, greek name - I was a bit out of practice because I haven't bought coffee in ages. I hesitated and then said my name a touch too early but he didn't say anything. He did obviously think I was a man though, considering how he spelt it ha.
Mildred - I hesitated badly but I don't think she noticed! She hadn't heard the name before and said it was pretty. I was like really!? And then I forgot the name so when the guy called me out I didn't respond. Such a fail! It was just me in the queue though so that was ok I got there in the end. It didn't help he couldn't say it properly either.

Norma - The woman who wrote this was completely unphased and just calmly wrote it on there. And she was very patient dealing with my indecision about whether to go for a strawberry or caramel frappe. It's the big decisions in life that are important! 

Oregon - For months, I have continually been forgetting to say a different name but I thought I would restart. The barista was really good looking and he asked me how to spell it because 'he didn't want to make a fool of himself'. I said it was 'yeah like the spice'  He was definitely flirting with me and then we talked about how he got free coffee all the time! I felt a bit jealous actually, maybe I should start working in starbucks (Or not if they get lots of difficult customers like me).

Prudence - I think the woman recognised me because she repeated my name with disbelief. Either that or she just thought it was really ugly. No offence to any Prudences out there - but I just think of that horrible character in the St Clare's series by Enid Blyton!

Queenie - He repeated it when I told him my name and looked at me weirdly so I felt compelled to add 'it's a nickname.' He half laughed and went 'oh ok'. I am disappointed he didn't ask for more info. I had a whole spiel lined up about how my real name was Elizabeth! I think I am getting a bit too into this. It's quite fun pretending to be other people.

Roxie - This was rather a poor effort as I wasn't prepared and didn't have an R name lined up. I was with my friend too and when she heard me say the name she laughed so loudly and unsubtley. Apparently because I was 'so not a Roxie'! Which is kind of the point...

Savannah - This is one of my favourite girls names but the lady spelt it completely wrong! My friend completely pissed herself and made me laugh too.

Trixxie- He asked me how to spell it and after I chose this spelling I said about how most people don't bother to ask. He then said that I was the first Trixxie he had ever met and was it short for anything? I said it was actually a nickname and he asked me my real name. I said it was boring and that it was Charlotte! He said it wasn't that boring, he'd heard worse! He was really nice and I'm sorry you haven't met a real trixxie ;)

Ursula - I was with my sister and she gave me a look when I said it which almost sent me into fits of giggles! The barista took it in her stride though and just moved on to the next person without comment or even a flicker of emotion 

Virginia - This was my first pumpkin spiced latte of the season and I had a chat with the barista about how much I was looking forward to it!! They are so good but I think he now believes I am weird.

Winona - I added like the actress :) She commented that she had had a few other cool names that day including a Hamish and a Sherlock! I love the idea that someone pretended to be Sherlock Holmes. Maybe I should do that in the future and pretend to be various book characters.

Xenia - I had to spell it for the girl obviously but I think I confused her by saying it was with an X. The other girl who gave me my coffee refused to say my name. Probably because she recognised me and knew it wasn't my actual name! 

Yazi - This was actually the last 'special name' of the game because I did 'z' at an earlier time! I just kind of wanted to get it finished because some of the baristas definitely started to recognising me! So I panicked and just chose the first name that came into my head! 

Zante - I made a bit of a mistake with this one! I thought that zante was actually spelt xante so this was going to be my 'x' one but I figured this could be an excellent z one anyway! And she misspelled it. Am pretty sure she recognised me

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  1. OH you have made me laugh. I bet you gave the servers a laugh too. Well done for getting through the alphabet. Just found your blog it's so good.