Sunday, 18 October 2015

13 Things I Love About Myself

Last week I was tagged in one of those blog challenge thingies (thanks Liam). And I don't normally respond to them but I thought this was a pretty lovely one which would really benefit me if I took part in it!

The tag is called '13 things I love about myself'. Now, anyone who knows me will know how taking part in this tag is going against my very nature. I am ridiculously insecure and I hate arrogance so much, that I can't even admit there is anything about myself I vaguely like, let alone love.

However, I can see that self-loving occasionally is very beneficial. And none of us do it enough. I know so many people who are similar to me and definitely don't give themselves enough credit. We are all far too critical.

So, in the spirit of trying to fix this, here are my 13 things. Although this tag should really be called '13 things I suppose I don't mind about myself. Kind of. Sort of.'  And I challenge you to think up 13 of your own.

1. I am loyal
My family and friends are EVERYTHING to me and I will do anything for them. Like literally anything. They are the best of me and I don't deserve them at all but I do try to be worthy of them =]

2. I am good with children
Even before I trained as a primary school teacher, I had a certain way with them and they normally respond to me really well. Probably because I am a big child. But I really enjoy being with them and working with them. And have really worked on understanding them throughout my training which has all been pretty positive.

3. My writing
The fact that I can and do write (both in the form of this blog and my novel/poetry writing), is a constant joy to me. It makes me feel better when I am sad and I really really hope that one day I will able to earn money from it. Because I can't really imagine doing anything else.

4. My creativity
I was talking to a stranger at the shop where I work recently and explained a basic premise of the novel I was writing (don't even ask how we got on to it) and he commented 'You have a vast imagination.' I hope it was a compliment. I love dreaming up new worlds. And by new worlds, I don't necessarily mean fictional ones, but different situations to my own. I love writing my novel because the world and the characters that have come from my head are so so much more interesting than real life.

5. I can't lie
I first found this out when I was very young. If I ever tried, my parents would always know and the consequences would be rubbish. So I just stopped doing it. And now there's no hope - people see it in my face immediately. It's definitely a good thing to be able to say I am completely honest all the time but can occasionally get me into trouble.

6. I can talk to anyone
I love being around people and finding out about them and getting to know them. It's really useful in the clothes shop where I work. My manager normally puts me on changing rooms, because I will just chat away to people, and then the customers spend so long with me, I think they feel bad if they don't buy something. Because it's quite rare that they just walk away. Whether they return the items at a later date is not a question I have dared to ask =]

7. I can read people well
I think it's because I am a writer, I normally read people pretty well and can tell what they are feeling. Or maybe it's just because I care enough to look, I don't know.

8. I am naturally slim
When I am ok with my weight, I realise how lucky I am that I don't have to diet to be the weight I am. I wouldn't be able to handle that and then I would be really fat and that would make me sad. So it's just as well really. My new job at the shop has been great for the ego in this respect. There are always people telling me how lovely and tall/slim I am and how they wish they could be like me. I can't take a compliment, so I immediately blow it off and start complimenting them instead. Obviously.

9. I can play instruments
I am so so thankful that my parents encouraged me to play (and forced me to practice) when I was little. It's a wonderful skill to have and people are normally quite impressed when I say that I sing/play instruments. Plus, music really chills me out

10. I can put a positive spin on nearly anything
I have really down days but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. It helps me to keep going and to learn from the less than ideal situations I am placed in.

11. I am ambitious
I have found things I am passionate about and I pursue them. Although it does mean I am restless a lot of the time, I think that's a really good trait to have as I am always striving to do better.

12. I try
I am not the best person in the world, and there are certain things about my life that I need to improve. But I really do try my best in everything I do. And very occasionally I come out with a positive result. Like my degree - getting that 2:1 when I'd nearly dropped out the year before, was one of the few occasions when I was genuinely proud of myself.

13. That nothing has defeated me yet
I think this is a really underrated quality in people. I have had to make some tough decisions and had some pretty shitty times. As have lots of other people. But we are all still here and still going. And we should definitely celebrate that. I read a really nice quote which said 'Isn't it amazing to think we have lived through 100% of our worst days so far, but many of our best are yet to come.' And that is so true.

I am not going to tag anyone specific but any blogger/reader who is feeling a little down in the dumps: have a think about the good traits within your personality. There may be more than you imagine...Don't stop at 13, keep going...(And do message me on Twitter or wherever, so I can be a part of it too!)

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