Thursday, 29 October 2015

Why 'nice' is an underrated word

I'd like you to have a little think for a moment and see whether you can remember those far off days when you were trapped in school. It might be a little harder for some of you than others (not being rude or nothing...but're getting on a bit now! Only joking - insert sticky out tongue emoji here).

Anyway, sorry got off topic for a second there. I was too busy insulting you. But have a think back and see if you can remember your literacy lessons in particular. What was that one word which you were told you shouldn't use in your stories?


You were told over and over again that nice wasn't an acceptable word and you should choose another one. Maybe your character could be interesting. Or maybe they could be smart. Or maybe adventurous. But nice? No - think of something better.

It became a bit of a banned word within school. And over the years, it is drummed into you so much (NICE IS BAD NICE IS BAD NICE IS BAD) that this continues into adulthood as well. Almost like subliminal messaging.

So much so, it's not really seen as good enough if you are simply a nice person.

It makes me wonder whether this is the reason that there aren't that many genuinely nice people around. Or maybe it's because if you are nice, you are often taken advantage of. It is taken for granted that you won't complain about how you are treated and you will always do your best to please everyone all the time. You will keep putting up with the fact that everyone puts others first, and you are constantly cancelled on and let down.

But niceness should never be unacceptable. It is a HUGELY underrated quality that you don't see in very many people any more. This could be because it has been squashed out of people's personalities to protect themselves from dickheads or because they weren't that nice in the first place.

A place where you do find lots of nice people grouped together, is in shops. The people who work there only want to do their best to ensure you find what you need and leave the shop happier than you were in the first place. They are smiley and friendly and wonderfully nice. What do they get in return? A load of crap normally...with people shouting at them for things that aren't their fault.

Humans can be pretty horrible to each other. They say rude things and are selfish and judgemental. So when you do come across a nice one, my advice is hang on to them with all your might. You will need them to help protect you/make up for the waves of nastiness that will crash into you over the years.

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