Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A little look back and a long look forward

Whatever happens in life, there is one thing that is always certain - time keeps marching on. We keep on getting older (and wiser), we keep on going to work and sleeping and looking forward to things, we keep having birthdays and time keeps passing second by second. There's nothing we can do to stop it. So we might as well embrace it.

I try not to look back into the past too much...I mean, it's fine to reminisce about schooldays every now and then but I never want to look back to the extent I start analysing it or regretting it. Because I think having regrets is a little ridiculous.

Every decision you make, you do so to the best of your ability at that particular time. You make a decision based on what you know then. It's no good looking at that decision ten years from now and regretting it because of something that happened later or things you have learnt since. You had no way of having all that information when you made the decision and therefore it's all irrelevant. We can only make the best of the situations we are in right now.

This is what I tell myself anyway.

 2015 has been one of those funny years where I don't feel like much has happened but I have been constantly busy. I have been to the theatre plenty of times and saw several musicals for the first time that are now ranked in my top 5. I visited America for the first time and I became an aunty. All very exciting things (that I did write blogposts about so make sure to check out the theatre and travel tabs).

But this year has also had a bit of upheaval in it too. I have had three jobs and had to move back in with my parents. I wrote a blogpost about that too (that you can read here) and despite not being overly thrilled about it, I know it was the right decision. It has given me the opportunity to really think about my life where I can decide what's important and what I can aim for.

And this is what I want to concentrate on now. What we should all concentrate on. We shouldn't just look back at the past, we should look to the future and what we are going to achieve next.

For me, 2015 hasn't been a flashy year filled with jobs that are 30k a year or engagements of any kind (I swear this is all that I read on my newsfeed these days!) but it has been an important year all the same. I have set some balls rolling in various aspects of my life that, as we enter 2016, could potentially lead somewhere very exciting. This is what I love about the new beginning of each year - the possibilities are endless, if we use the year in the best way.

And I am determined that 2016 is the year that everything I want to happen, WILL happen. I have spent long enough preparing - I am determined for it to be a success.

So on that positive note, I will say my final words of 2015. Thank you my lovely readers for sticking with me throughout the ups and downs, silliness and rants of 2015. I hope you all have a wonderful new year and I shall see you in 2016.

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