Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Blogmas - 22 Things to Love About Christmas

This is my first of three blogmas posts that I have spent the entire month of December preparing. So make sure you check back every day in the lead up to Christmas, to see what I have come up with in celebration of this wonderful time of the year.

In today's post I have been thinking about what exactly makes Christmas so perfect. And, as it is 22nd December, I have come up with 22 answers.

1. Christmas Lattes
The only thing that makes saying goodbye to Pumpkin Spiced Lattes bearable, is saying hello to all the Christmassy delights that Starbucks, Costa and the rest offer. They are all full of sugar and terribly bad for you yet they taste so so good.

2. Adverts
For a long time the Coca Cola advert and its red truck has signalled the beginning of Christmas. But now the John Lewis advert has almost overtaken it in popularity. These mini films barely even seem like adverts and they always tug at the heart strings. The rest of the major companies try to keep up too. This year I think I actually preferred the Sainsbury's depiction of Mog (beloved from my childhood) causing havoc.

3. TV
Christmas and new year specials are always the best. I watch more telly at Christmas than the rest of the year put together.

4. Films
These are always heartwarming and make you feel so gooey inside. Arthur Christmas is by far my favourite but no one seems to have seen it??

5. Cosy nights in
With so much good TV on and horrible weather, why would you need to step outside? Better just to throw on your PJs and curl up by the fire, in warmth and comfort. During the summer months, I always feel guilty if I am not out and about, taking advantage of the sun...but Christmas is the perfect time to relax and take it easy while recharging your batteries a little bit.

6. The parties
If you can bear to step outside your front door, there are so many different parties to attend. Work dos and family dos and Christmas drinkies with friends. So many great chances to dress up in sparkly bright colours and dance the night away.

7. Mulled wine/cider
Yummmmmm. That is all.

8. Allowed to drink all day every day
For instance, you can go out for a Christmas drink on a Monday or start drinking Bailey's at 10am on Christmas Day (just me??) During Christmas you don't need to feel guilty about the amount of alcohol you are consuming at all. It's Christmas after all, it's time to celebrate. You can think about the consequences later.

9. Food
And that goes for the food as well. Ah the food! This blogpost could have literally just been a list of all the things that feature in our Christmas lunch. It is all so good and there's so much of it - I swear they consist of about five meals in one.

10. Chocolate for breakfast
Yep that's also a delightful little tradition. Just starts the day off right...

11. Hunting for presents
Now I might be unusual in this respect as I know for lots of people this is the worst thing about Christmas. But I love shopping for presents. It gives me such great joy to think about what they might like and track it all down to make a really nice gift. Plus it's guilt-free spending - you can really spend as much as you want and, for once, the more you spend, the better you will feel.

12. Christmas/New Year sales
Ah sales. I have my sale shopping down to a fine art. I go at about 10-11 on Boxing Day morning. Once the rush has happened and it's slightly calmer in the highstreet. That's the best time to get the best items and I always find something I want, *cough* I mean, need.

13. Shops being busy
Again, I think I might be unique in  this. But something I love about Christmas is how busy the shops get. The whole place is buzzing and people are often so excited. And we feel such an affinity with each other, all kind of sympathetic with how many presents we need to buy etc. It's a much more friendly time at Christmas.

14. Decorations in the town
On top of that, with all the lights and everything, towns look absolutely beautiful. London at Christmas is just stunning.

15. Theatre
Pantomimes, musicals, ballets...so much to see, so little time...

16. Carols and singing
Like Christmas movies, I think Christmas songs (be they pop or traditional) are the best of the bunch. All about love and acceptance and having a good time. They are so upbeat too, you can't help but feel happy when you hear them.

17. Kids' excitement
Have you ever been around kids in the lead up to Christmas?? They just go nuts and it's totally infectious. Teaching in a primary school around Christmas is such good fun although totally exhausting. I have no idea how little people have so much energy.

18. Fashion
Winter fashion is the best, there is no doubt about it. Summer fashion can be a bit bright and brash and make you expose bits of your body you don't necessarily like. But winter fashion is so cosy - chunky jumpers and scarves and warm colours, and boots and thick socks. It's all lovely.

19. Christmas Jumpers
And these had to have their own section - they are just so delightfully hilarious. Every single one brings a smile to my face.

20. Time off
It's always good to have a few days off to relax isn't it? Although it does seem to go a lot faster than I would like...always.

21. New Year
After Christmas Day, some people feel a little bit down. But I'm only just getting started. I love New Year. I normally head abroad to celebrate in a slightly different way every year, but if I don't I am always surrounded by a huge bunch of friends. And I always drink too much and have a giggle of a time. It's all about new beginnings and I always feel so upbeat and positive about it. I have so so many good intentions to have a fabulous year. Every now and then, I even stick to them.

22. Being with your family
I left this until last because it's definitely the most important thing as well as the most delightful thing about Christmas. I have four siblings and we are a little scattered about. So I love the time we can get together to just be with each other. It's perfect. And if none of the other things on this list happened, I wouldn't care, as long as I can spend the day with my family. That's what is truly important.

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