Sunday, 13 December 2015

Why I don't go to Stage Door any more

This week I was reunited with the London West End which was absolutely wonderful. I do miss being able to just pop into London whenever I want. It is slightly more of a trek from all the way down on the south coast.

As you can tell from my previous blogpost, I was there to see Bend it Like Beckham which I absolutely adored. I truly had a fantastic time and after it was over, I was debating whether to prolong it slightly longer by visiting the Stage Door to chat to a few of the cast (most prominently Jamie Campbell Bower who is rather dishy!!)

It is not something I have done for ages and, although I was sorely tempted to go and meet a celebrity as well as a couple of theatre celebrities I very much admire, I decided against it. Which got me thinking about why exactly I did come to this decision.

There are a number of reasons behind it. In a very simple sense, it is because I have grown up a little bit. I am not an adoring fan who wants to go and tell them they are awesome (although I am sure that is lovely to hear and I am not criticising anyone who wants to do that! Besides, I often do it on twitter anyhow). When there are a whole load of fan girls all jostling to see THAT celebrity who has been in THAT film, I just really can't be bothered to wait in a crowd of people to have a 30 second conversation with them and a scrawl on my programme.

Secondly, I do feel a bit bad for them. It's the end of their working day, it's late at night (either that or they only have an hour's dinner break) and they have just spent the past few hours pelting around a stage and singing their little hearts out. They are probably a bit knackered and kind of deserve a rest. But no no, we expect them to carry on talking to us. They just want to sleep.

Finally and most importantly, stage door destroys the magic for me. When I am in the theatre, I become so fully wrapped up in the show for those moments, I believe it is all real. I am so focused on the stage and become fully encompassed by the world that the whole company creates. This is why I am so touchy about Theatre Etiquette (do give my article a read if you are unsure how to behave!!) because if any of those rules are broken, my concentration is also broken and the moment is ruined. When the show finishes, I want to stay in that little bubble for a while longer and actually, going to stage door bumps you down to earth a lot quicker than is truly necessary. Seeing the actors as normal people in normal clothes, talking normally without breaking into song every other word, makes you realise that it was all just a story. But if you skip going to Stage Door, you can make that giddy, lovely feeling of joy last for most of the journey home. And that's no bad thing.

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