Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why The Hunger Games is so popular

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been a little neglectful of my blog over the past couple of months. I have definitely not updated it as much as I would like and the posts have been a little shorter than they have been in the past.

The reason/excuse for this is because I have been doing a lot of creative writing recently. Creative writing has always been my passion - ever since I can remember I have been writing stories and poems and novels. But now I am becoming ever more determined to turn it into a career.

Not only that...I am aiming a bit higher than just becoming an author. I want to become a great author. I want to write a great book with great characters (although potentially, if I want to succeed with this, I should think up a few more adjectives other than great...) that will live on long after I am gone and continue to be loved by thousands of people.

This is what I decided when I was in the cinema watching the final instalment of The Hunger Games a few weeks ago. A funny place to be considering my career, I know. But as we sobbed our way through various parts in the last half an hour (you know the bits I am talking about and don't deny you cried too!!) what struck me was we were crying about deaths of people that never existed in the first place. Suzanne Collins had done an epic job at creating such wonderful characters that we cared about them at a deeply emotional level as if they were real. That's an incredible thing to be able to do considering that a few years ago, those characters only existed in her head.

And I want to do the same thing!

There are several characteristics that make up a great book.. The plot of course is important (an addictive one with an ongoing theme to keep you turning the pages is ideal) but what is absolutely crucial, is that the book contains great characters. The main character has to be pretty badass to keep you interested in him/her (and their various antics) throughout several novels and films. But they don't have to be perfect. Far from it. To be relateable and for people to care, they have to be flawed.

As does the villain, because you need to be able to understand why they are acting the way they are. No one is simply evil for the sake of it. They all act in a certain way because of circumstances. As for the other characters, there are a whole host of friends who represent certain personality traits so they can help the hero/heroine in every way possible. And there will be a leading lad/lady to play opposite the main character: Peeta in the Hunger Games, for example. He is there to be the male equivalent of Katniss and so all the girls can fall in love with him.

There are already plenty of brilliant books out there which entice you into beautiful worlds and include amazing people who become extraordinary due to various talented writers. And I am more determined than ever to join that group of authors, producing something which people will fall in love with. I am giving my writing more time than I ever have before. So keep an eye out for this name - because one day I am determined it will happen!!

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