Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ex Machina

Films!!! I love them. Aren't they just the perfect way to end a stressful day? A way of ignoring your own problems, you can put yourself in someone else's shoes and think about their problems instead.

As my brain is always buzzing with ideas and thoughts (seriously, that thing is never quiet) I find films the perfect way to switch it off through means of distraction. It's perfect. While my brain is occupied with someone else's life, I can wind down and relax.

For that reason, when I watch films, I tend to choose comedy or romance. Ones that have endearing likeable characters, but are not too much effort to follow and I don't have to think about them too hard.

Ex Machina couldn't be any more different to that.

Sure, I didn't expect a chick flick but somehow I didn't expect that either! Like WHATTTTT? Seriously. What happened?

Ok so I am going to assume at this point that you, dear reader, have watched Ex Machina. Because that means I can fill this mini discussion with loads of spoilers and I don't have to talk through what happened. So if you haven't watched it I will place the SPOILER ALERT here, and urge you to go see it. Right now. It's brilliant and I would really recommend it.

But, oh my days. For want of a better phrase (and sorry to anyone who does not like cursing) - what a total mind fuck.

That ending though. Shall I flout tradition and begin with the end? Why not?

This freaked me out a lot. Ava's brutality was ever so slightly horrifying. And her betrayal of Caleb - the one good person who you could be certain of his moral niceness - was completely unforgivable. We had spent two hours falling in love with him and watching him fall in love with her because he thought she was worthy of it. To have him so suddenly and so completely let down was heart breaking beyond words.

But how evil was she actually? Ava didn't kill Caleb yet she did. It was pretty certain that Caleb was going to die anyway at the hands of Nathan...would that have been better because it wasn't unexpected? And because Nathan's form of evil was so much more straightforward.

Ava only thought the way she did because she had been programmed to do so by a maniac (and however bad she is at the end, there's no taking away from the fact that Nathan is a complete and utter nutter) driven by greed and money and insanity! She did what she had to do, because she thought this was the only way she would be able to get where she wanted. And she probably did have to behave that way to achieve that. If Caleb had left with her, what sort of life would she honestly have had? How likely was it that Caleb would have performed more tests on her and ultimately destroyed any chance she had of total freedom? The only way she would be completely free was to be alone -- something that Nathan must have inadvertently drummed into her due to his love of seclusion.  

This film was a study of humanity more than a study of AI! And my goodness it did not put us in a good light. But do you know what else is freaky beyond belief - that there could be robots all over the world that we don't even know about. Or, scarier still, maybe we are in fact are the robots.

(Photo of DVD cover courtesy of amazon.co.uk)

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