Saturday, 16 January 2016

Inside my desk

As I am talking so much about my writing at the moment, I thought I would show you where the magic happens. Ok, that came across as a little more flirty than I intended...where I create the magic? Where the magic begins? I'm just going to stop now...

My grandmother gave me this lovely bureau a while ago after it was in her hall for many years before that. Isn't it just loverly?? It's a touch too small to fit my laptop comfortably so I don't use my laptop on here at all. When I am blogging I tend to put it on a tray and sit or lie on my bed. So yes, I do basically all my blogging in bed. That's allowed right?

The bureau is where I do all my creative writing which (at the beginning stages anyway) I tend to do by hand. Hence why there are papers all over the desk. I am writing my current novel in the green notebook you can see clearly at the front. I like A4 notebooks for my first draft and it has to be good paper. Not any of that flimsy stuff you can buy for 20p in Tesco. The green one I am currently using is a Pukka Pad (which I love!!) but I also spend fortunes in Paperchase. They do THE most gorgeous notebooks you can imagine.  I could talk about them and drool over them all day! And I always say that I am allowed to spend as much as I like on notebooks because I am a writer and will definitely fill them. Yup. It's not like I have about a hundred spare ones in a drawer or anything.

While I am writing, if anything occurs to me I pop it onto a little post it note and chuck it down on my desk to read as I am going along. They are often reminders that I need to change things or I ask myself a question that I have to answer. Or it's extra bits of plot that I need to add in somewhere. And you can see all those scattered around too. 

Along the back there are a load of pens (I don't ever actually buy pens yet I always seem to be overflowing with them - it's like they breed in the pot or something) spare post its, highlighters, coloured pens, external hardrives, memory sticks...all those boring necessary things. But there's a couple of interesting things there too. On the left, the second little shelf down - that's kind of my lucky charm shelf. There are a couple of lucky ornaments there that I have had since I was a kid. But what they are sitting on gives me the most luck of all - it's a postcard from Jacqueline Wilson, telling my childhood self that she is proud that I manage to keep a journal every day and she is sure I will become an author one day. I am determined to make her prediction true =]

In the second cubby hole (kept separate from my diary and some boring important documents) is my ideas area -  it has my tiny A6 ideas notebook (where I put down any future novel ideas) and my book of poems. I am not a huge poet to be honest, but every now and then (normally when I am emotional) I have my moments. And that book is always to hand for when I do. In that cubby hole there are also some further notes to myself (I do a lot of that apparently) and some goodbye cards from back when I was a piano teacher last year, which I read when I am feeling low.

I have probably talked about most of the 'useful' things on my desk. What is left are all, basically, distractions: books, theatre programmes, my collection of snow globes from around the world, paper weights, DVDs...all these things are supposedly there to give me ideas and spark memories and trains of thought. But actually they are just simple distractions for when I get bored of being productive. Which, believe me, is extremely often. Any writer who tells you different is a liar.

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