Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Best of 2015

Before I throw myself into this brand new year of blogging and the delights it will be sure to bring, I thought I would have a reflective minute where I look back on the posts that I published throughout 2015. There have been some great ones, which I have loved writing and that, in some cases, are about such important topics. While in other cases, they are downright silly and just good fun. Do take a few minutes to check them out, because these ones are the best of last year. I hope you enjoy them...

Theatre Etiquette - as an avid theatre goer, I have experienced a lot of different audiences. And some really really don't understand how they should behave. Follow these simple rules and you won't go wrong. Ignore this post and you may be killed by a Theatre Addict...you have been warned.

The A-Z of Charlotte - Last February I published a blogging series called Getting to Know Me where I became a little more personal in the posts. It was the first time my blog actually centred around me rather than things I did or experiences I had (there's a slight difference!!) and I know not everyone may care, but I also know that a lot of people enjoyed these fun little posts. This was my favourite to write but I did like all of them which included a post called 50 Shades of Fun...I know you want to check that one out too.

Falling in love with heroes - I like to talk about the really important things in life. Which includes this post all about why men in books/films are so much better than in real life.

New York and Boston - I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing travel posts and if this could be a travel blog, I would make it so. Unfortunately though I can't afford to go traveling all the time so they only appear every now and then. Which is such a shame because they are my best posts by far - the photography is generally better, there are more photographs and I just come across throughout the whole thing as being completely overexcited wherever I am. I was lucky enough to visit our buddies across the pond this spring, and I love the two articles I wrote about my trip.

What? Why? When? - this is a very unflashy post. There aren't any photographs, no big issues...it's just me typing away, stripping back and talking about why I blog. It was a real turning point for me because it showed me what I wanted to achieve with my blogging and what I find important about it. After months of feeling insecure this post helped me a lot. If you read me regularly and wonder why I started in the first place and why I continue, this will be interesting.

22 Things I've learnt - in the lead up to my 23rd birthday I thought I would try to think up a few of vital things I have learnt recently. And this is what I came up with...they are super profound.

Body Shaming: The Thin Version - This was an incredibly important post that needed to be said. When slim people are body-shamed, their abusers don't even realise they are doing it or what the issue is, most of the time. Make sure you read this.

You know you're a theatre nerd when... - This just about sums up who I am...

Checkmate - Some rare creative writing on the blog

How to style summer clothes in the winter - I have always loved fashion. And now I work in fashion retail I am styling other people as well as myself. I might attempt a few more fashion posts this year.

Blogtober/Booktober - It's no secret that I love books. And I used Booktober to take arty pictures of them and to recommend my 31 favourites...

12 Things you should know when doing your shopping - if you don't want to be murdered by the lovely staff who look after all your shops throughout the year (and put up with your ridiculousness) I suggest you read this advice.

Looking back at all these posts has made me remember to be proud of my writing. I enjoy producing all of them so so much and occasionally I feel that some of my best work has been lost in the muddle of three and a half years worth of  content.

So I thought this year, I would start revisiting some of it. I have so much writing on here, most of which isn't read regularly any more. It seems a shame considering the amount of work I put into each post.

To celebrate and join with the wildly popular idea of Throwback Thursday, every Thursday I will be looking back to a favourite vintage post of mine and will talk about it a little on Twitter...how it came about, why I wrote it and what gave me the idea. So make sure you follow my Twitter to ensure you don't miss any of my old content.

I hope that you have enjoyed these posts from the previous year and please do let me know if there are any particular ones (or a particular style) that you love. I am sure 2016 will see some similarly excellent stuff so I shall see you very soon with yet more posts.

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