Sunday, 31 January 2016

Getting Sorted

Just in case you haven't noticed me moaning constantly on Twitter, I have been poorly and bedbound this week. Which I don't deal with very well -- hence the constant mopey tweets.

It also means that my week hasn't been overly interesting. What was very exciting though, was the return of Pottermore with a brand new look. I had already been sorted and all that jazz when it first came out a few years ago, but I was curious to see if my personality had changed at all (and yes, I can hear your laughter at the fact that I 100% base my personality on what house I would be in at Hogwarts).

I am proud to announce that I am still a Hufflepuff -- hooray. They have always been my favourite house (partly because I fancied Cedric Diggory like BIG TIME) and the one I thought I would probably be in. Clearly I am a badger through and through.

So now I have my house and my wand, all I need now is my Hogwarts Letter. Come on Albus Dumbledore -- I would be a great witch, I promise =]

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