Sunday, 10 January 2016

Tidying my wardrobe

As I am super interested in fashion, I love my job. Every day I get to discuss clothes, and help people find what is right for them, making them both look and feel great. It is hugely satisfying.

What is slightly less satisfying though, is the state of my own wardrobe. I am extremely restless at the moment and somehow that has translated to my clothes as well. After hoarding clothes for around 6 years, I had a mahoosive clearout 6 months ago when I moved house. Then I had two smaller ones, simply because I have become incredibly bored by my style. But don't worry - I haven't been left with nothing and have bought bits and pieces on almost a weekly basis to replace all the stuff I chucked out. Obviously.

In fact, my wardrobe has been overflowing and after coming home from work where everything is perfectly laid out, my own mess was becoming extremely irritating.

So I finally sorted it all out. I spent about an hour one evening folding everything and making it look pretty. Isn't it just loverlyyyyyy? I am now debating whether to buy a set of hangers so they all look the same and hang nicely. And maybe a steamer too... is that too much?

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