Sunday, 28 February 2016

Commuters I meet on trains

I spend a lot of my time on trains. And I mean A LOT. As in, sometimes I swear it feels like I spend 90% of my life working and the other 10% on trains.

While I am traveling the networks of rails all over the south I do come across some really um...interesting characters lets say. I don't even bother to listen to music anymore, I get all my entertainment from people watching and eaves-dropping on other people's conversations. Some of them are so hilarious and it's all I can do to not giggle in their faces. People have no idea how stupid they appear to those around them.

This evening, on my 1.5 hour journey back from Clapham Junction, I came across the four main types of people who I have noticed on many of my commutes. All in one journey as well. So I thought I would introduce them to you:

The hot guy minding his own business
I should probably not admit this, but I have started playing a game called 'spot the hot guy' where I choose the hottest guy in the carriage and see if I can get him to smile at me. A little lame I know but I have actually got quite good at it (all down to my natural charm, of course. Ahem!) This particular one was not only cute and nicely dressed but also writing in a notebook with a fountain pen. And then he offered his seat to another elderly lady. Could he have been any more perfect?

The very British one
We don't actually speak ever but we might roll our eyes at each other or exchange sympathetic smiles when our trains are delayed or somebody is being a nuisance (due to commuter example 4 in this particular case)

The lovely elderly one
I somehow always get chatting to people on trains, particularly when I am coming back from London and have lots of opportunity. This evening's example was the elderly gentleman opposite me who was reading The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer which I LOVE and had to tell him so. Which started a very interesting discussion about books. That made the journey pass so much more quickly and I was so thankful to him for that.

The drunk ones
I saved the best till last. This particular group was LOUD and chavvy and so very very drunk. And I had to put up with it for about an hour and 10 minutes of my 1.5 hour journey. I genuinely had a headache by the end. I could actually name and shame them because I learnt everything about them, right down to their address. But I am a better person than they are so I won't. What I will say is that I am not sympathetic that you got chucked out of the hotel where you had unlimited bubbles because I was becoming sorely tempted to chuck you off the train.

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