Sunday, 7 February 2016

Visiting Guildford

Have any of my lovely readers been to Guildford? I absolutely adore this pretty town on the hill. Great shopping check. Cute cobbled streets, check. Mysterious alleyways check. Loads of history, definitely check. Visiting it this weekend reminded me that it's right up my street (geddit? Ha-di-ha!)

I have been there quite a few times now, but every time I visit, I feel like I find bits that are completely new. There are just so many parts to it, it's ridiculously confusing. But I love that about it. It's a town which doesn't give up it's secrets very easily. The day I can walk around it without getting lost is probably the day I should move in and call it my home.

Getting lost, I think, is a very important aspect when exploring a new place. You won't ever find those by just sticking to what Google Maps says. It's when you wander around aimlessly, that you stumble across the most lovely things that are integral to the character of the town.

Now, me and Kim (my friend who I was meeting up with) are absolute experts when it comes to getting lost. Or maybe it's just my influence, because I am always wandering around with my head in the clouds, trying to get a feel for the wonderful new place I have entered.

After having a coffee and a catch up and doing a spot of shopping (do you like my new hat by the way, I think I may be a little obsessed by it!!) we headed outside The Friary Centre for a bit more of an exploration. And what we found was the delightful ruin of the Castle.

Even though it was blustery and cold, this was still such a pretty place. And this is where our top wandering skills came into play because we found, just by ambling around the pretty grounds, the Alice in Wonderland garden. Set right behind the wall from Chestnut House, where Lewis Carroll actually penned Alice through the Looking Glass (the book nerd in me went a little bit nuts, although you can only just see it through the trees); is a garden dedicated to the famous author's memory. And this sculpture was marking the spot. A little bit creepy, I have to admit but I still loved it. From where I am standing in front of her, it looks like I am greeting Alice as she enters wonderland. Which means, in all my explorations I must have found it...wonderland. In Guildford? Who would have guessed?

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1 comment:

  1. I never knew until recently that Guildford was a nice town. I've not been but it sounds like somewhere i'd really enjoy visiting!
    Amy at Amy & More