Friday, 5 February 2016

Taking care of ourselves

Something I have noticed recently is humanity seems to be a pretty discontent species. I mean, look at a dog. They go nuts just to go on a walk with you (I have decided that dogs have the right frame of mind!) It isn't always a bad thing however -- I personally blame my constant restlessness on ambition which hopefully one day will lead me where I want to be. But it does sometimes cause us to become upset when actually we don't really need to be.

Taking myself as an example - I have a pretty great life. I live in a comfortable home, in a pretty village. I am surrounded by a very supportive group of friends and family who love me deeply and I have a job that I enjoy, which has the added bonus of enough free time to allow me to take part in other hobbies. I am well educated and in good health and I generally am able to do what I want. Like I say, my life is not bad at all. YET, I still find so much to moan about.

It is so so easy to get bogged down by the little things in life that may not be going as well as you hope but ignore the big things that you take for granted. Health is the main one of these. Being ill this week brought it to the forefront of my mind once again.

When we are well, we don't even notice it. Worse than that, we actually abuse our bodies by going to bed late, stressing, pouring alcohol into it and all those other things that we do without even thinking about it. Until our body can't take any more. It just stops, demanding rest and for us to actually take care of it for once. Meanwhile we wonder how we didn't notice when we were well because being ill reminds us how it absolutely SUCKS.

But the period where we actually take care of ourselves is very small. Before, again, we are lured into that false sense of everlasting health and the the process starts from the beginning.

Why does it take us becoming poorly, to notice that we are actually very fit the majority of the time?

What we really need to do (and by writing this blogpost, it is the beginning of my attempt to follow all my own advice!!) is ignore all that little inconsequential stuff, that doesn't even matter and concentrate on truly looking after ourselves and putting ourselves first. That will lead us to be healthier and less tired. Which in turn, will make us less stressy and less prone to emotional outbursts about how rubbish our lives are. Win win right?

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1 comment:

  1. Great words here, we are so lucky compared to most and I am going to make an effort to ignore the inconsequential stuff from now on!
    Amy at Amy & More