Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Beneath the Surface by Heidi Perks

I read a lot. For anyone who reads my blog/follows me on Twitter/Pinterest that's obvious. Mostly what I read are classics where I step into the previous worlds of archaic literature and battle with their wordy language which isn't always that easy to read.

So it's always with a little bit of a relief that I give myself a break and indulge myself in some modern lit. Therefore when I was given the chance to have a sneaky peek of Heidi Perks' new novel I jumped at the chance.

Time wasn't really in my favour though. And although I was sent the book weeks ago, I didn't actually start it until three days ago. I was in a bit of a panic, I don't mind admitting it. But it all turned out ok because I ended up reading it in one sitting.

Yup I really did.

On Monday I had a day off from work. I sat down, hoping to get a good chunk of it done so I could finish it off in the evenings during the rest of the week. And then I proceeded to read the entire thing.

I regret nothing.

The suspense in this thriller was phenomenal - I just couldn't put it down. Every chapter drip-fed you a tantalisingly small bit of info and went some way to answer your questions while inspiring so many more at the same time.

This was a story of love and loss, betrayal and loyalty and the determination to find the truth whatever the cost. There is a delightfully evil 'baddy' and the simplicity of her wrong-doing was a wonderful contrast to the complicated and conflicted natures of the rest of the characters.

I think a story needs to have a bunch of good characters, above anything else. It's more important than a good plot really (although luckily Beneath the Surface had both) because you need to care about what happens to them, in order to keep reading. Throughout the novel, you really do feel for main character Abigail's plight. But this is as much the story of the twins as it is hers. The viewpoint switched effortlessly between Abi and Hannah/Lauren without confusion and I found the contrast really interesting - whereas the teenager twins are wanting to escape their suffocating upbringing, Abi had all the freedom and wanted the reassurance of a mother figure.

You could feel the story being navigated perfectly and at last the gap between them is closed. But that is not the end. And there are further twists when you think it is all over. Great storytelling.

I was lucky enough to be gifted this novel but it is now available for everyone to read. So make sure you pick up a copy here - if you don't, you will definitely be missing a fabulous piece of writing that you won't be able to put down.

Like what I say?

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