Thursday, 10 March 2016

Our jobs have become our life

In modern society, it is a sad fact of life that we will spend the majority of it working. Gone are the days where we can actually have some sort of work/life balance. Now, if you are unwilling to spend 15 hours a day at work, and the rest of the time thinking about it, it's very unlikely that you will actually be able to forward your career.

You may think I am exaggerating. But I'm not really.

Gone also are the days where jobs are a means to an end. They used to be simply a way of making money so you can live the life you want. However, now they have risen in importance to such an extent that they are people's lives.

The majority of my friends are in full time jobs. Which means they are out of the house at 7, at their desk by 8, and few leave before 6. They are home at 7, have dinner, go to bed and then the whole process starts again. Until the weekend where they are so tired from all the travelling and the draining nature of their tasks, that they have to catch up on sleep. They literally slob out for the entire 48 hours, just to be compos mentis enough to get through the following week.

What kind of life is this? Is it a life at all?

Lots of people say yes. Yes this is their life, and they accept this. They enjoy their work, feel like they are getting something out of it and are getting enough money to buy houses/go on holidays or whatever it is they need money for.

And that's fine.

If you do enjoy your work and don't mind that the majority of your life is spent with the same group of people, within the same four walls then that's totally ok. But if you don't want to do that, I think that's also ok.

So many young people are looked down on by parents, careers guidance counsellors, teachers and other members of the older generation because they are not in full time work. For having a part time job and wanting to take time out to think carefully how I want my life to be, I have been labelled unambitious. But that is so inaccurate.

When work is such an integral part of our lives and careers changes are looked upon suspiciously by potential employers, I want to make sure I get it right. I don't want to spend hours at a desk, hating every second and I don't want to wish away these precious hours of my twenties. I think all of us should ignore the outside influences from parents or anyone else. Choose what you want to do, based on what you want. Not what earns you the most or what others think you should be doing. After all it's your life. And you are totally in charge of it. In theory.

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