Saturday, 19 March 2016

TV I am currently addicted to

Generally I don't really watch the TV. When I was at uni I didn't even have one in my house. Like so many students, I relied on the various forms of Iplayer that are out on the web, for the shows that had so much hype I felt I just had to watch them. And there were not many where I felt that strongly about them.

But on the flip side of that, I also have a VERY addictive brain- when I watch stuff I get REALLY into it (I am not saying this lightly - it's to such an extent that I will be googling all the cast members, and watching youtube videos depicting interviews about the programme and all the promo things. I go a bit nuts!)

And right now there are so many fab shows bouncing around I definitely have my work cut out. I swear I seem to be watching something every night. So I thought I would talk a little bit of what my evenings basically consist of right now.

Happy Valley
This finished on Tuesday in a fabulous finale that millions of people were glued to. I love the gritty, realistic characters and although this isn't exactly a comedy (ok, not a comedy at all) there are some really funny moments in it. Sarah Lancashire's Cathy is not a hard leading lady to slightly fall in love with. You kind of want to be her best friend while at the same time knowing she would probably hate you. She seems to hate a lot of people but for all the right reasons. I need to go back and watch the first series and then I can watch the entire second series again, right?

Doctor Thorne
I love a good period drama and this one is gorgeous. The costumes! The houses! I need to find out where they all are and explore them, they are ridiculously pretty. It's extremely easy watching with a dashing young male lead, his star-crossed lover of inferior birth and a whole host of other characters who are hilarious/dicks as the story requires. If you thought it sounds a little like Downton Abbey you wouldn't be far wrong - although the series is based on the novel by Anthony Trollope, the screenplay is written by Julian Fellowes.

This is a brand new drama on BBC 3 about a young girl who goes missing aged 13 and reappears 13 years later, which is where the programme starts. Kind of morbid sounding, and I suppose it is in a way but not really. It's about her readjusting to life again and rediscovering those relationships which we all take for granted. And MY GOD the cliff-hangers at the end of each ep keeps you on tenterhooks throughout the week. Brilliant writing.

'A vicar and a policeman? That sounds like the beginning of a joke' said a character in the most recent episode and he would be about right. I don't think it's meant to be very realistic -- for the main reason that James Norton is wayyyy too hot to be a vicar. But still this duo are just perfectly matched. Again, it's a very easy watch. And easy on the eyes. James Norton = Swoon.

The Night Manager
Is it a little bit sad that I have actually started looking forward to Sunday nights? That is the power of great television. When you become so immersed in the story that it integrates your life slightly. When you carry on thinking about it when it's not there and when you almost view the characters like real people. I did it with War and Peace at the beginning of the year (another fabulous show!) and I am doing it now. The cast are truly top notch - it is littered with Hollywood and TV greats who are all very experienced. It has drawn me into a world that I otherwise wouldn't have experienced. And that's basically all I want from the television that I watch.

Like what I say?

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